Follett Virtual Campus Pre-selection Website

Student Last Name: (like 'Smith')
New Student Number: (5 digits)

Gather your student’s information:

  1. Go to FACTS Family Online and log in
  2. Under the “School” drop-down on the left side, select “Web Forms”.
  3. Select “Student Technology Dashboard”
  4. Make note of your student’s new Facts Student ID number
  5. For Middle & High School students, also make note of their student email address.
To pull your child's schedule and preselect the books you will need into a customized checkout:
  1. Enter your student’s last name and Student ID number above & click “Sign in”.
  2. Confirm the accuracy of your student’s classes and click “Submit”.
  3. Select the textbooks you want and check out!
  4. During checkout, you will be asked for your Student’s Information. Be sure to use your student’s ID number from FACTS and (for Middle and High school students only) their school email address. If you have another student, it is simplest to check out separately so that digital items, etc. can be easily assigned to the correct student.

Alternatively, you can use the Follett Virtual Bookstore directly to search for your student's books by manually selecting each of their classes: https://www.bkstr.com/psstore/home

If you need any assistance, please use the following resources:

Contact Follett Customer Service:     (888) 382-3383
Contact Providence Administration:   curriculum@prov.org